Colocation in England

More than 325 companies are united in data centers located in London. London, one of the most strategically important global business centers and the world's financial capital.

Our customers choose RICHHost in the UK to take advantage of the most intimate connections between service providers and businesses in one of Europe’s fastest growing digital and technology centers. The UK is home to many prosperous, diverse business ecosystems, including:

  • Financial services that are on RICHHost to streamline trade, exchange time-sensitive information with partners and ensure connectivity with minimal delays to financial systems in the region
  • Digital media and advertising companies that securely store and actively manage content in the data center, using our quality connections to optimize media distribution.
  • One of the world's strongest communities of cloud service providers and IT service providers.
  • International enterprises that want to participate in one of the largest economies in Europe, interact with business partners, provide high-speed connections with end users and the continuity of their business operations.

Our rich service portfolio allows customers to quickly set up their data center at our UK locations. RICHHost provides expert advice to collect the detailed requirements needed to design and optimize custom collocation and network services.

No limit traffic.

The equipment is connected to the port at 100 Mb / sec. The starting bandwidth for each server is 10 Mb / sec.
  • minimum rent - 4 units
  • the rental price includes 0.25 kw - for each unit
  • the cost of installing each unit in the rack – 150$
  • it is possible to order an additional 1kw – 350$

The cost of placing equipment in racks

  • Server in 1U chassis - 200$ /month.
  • Server in 2U chassis - 380$ /month.
  • Server in 3U chassis - 550$ /month.
  • Server in 4U chassis - 700$ /month.
    • The technological size of 1 Unit is equal to 45 mm in height, 475 mm in width (19 “) and a rack depth of 760mm;

You can order colocation by sending a request for or through the ticket system in billing.