Public offer

Public offer

1. General Provisions

1. This public offer is equivalent to an “oral agreement” on the provision of services by RichiR Investment EOOD (,bg,biz) to any legal or natural person, and, by current EU legislation, is legally valid.

2. This contract governs the relationship between RICHHost (hereinafter the Company) and the company's client (hereinafter the Client). This agreement does not require signing.

3. Registration in the billing system of the Company means automatic acceptance of the Client with receipt of the informational email and SMS messages, including the offers of the Company's services.

4. The Company's services are provided to the Client for the period of the billing period. A billing period is the minimum possible number of calendar days for which the service is purchased. If the billing period of the service is a month, and it is ordered, for example, on the 10th day, then it will be provided until the 10th day of the next calendar month, not including it.

5. When registering in the billing system, a Client account is created (hereinafter referred to as the Account).

6. The credit balance is the funds not used to pay for services that are on the account balance.

7. By registering in the billing panel, the client confirms his consent to receive the newsletter, no more than 1 time per month.

2. Area of ​​responsibility

1. Problems with the host machines, nodes, and connectivity in the Data Center (up to the Border Routers of the Data Center) are the responsibility of the Company.

2. Problems with the OS, configuration selection, VPS / VDS, or server operability (if they are not caused by the reasons for clause 2.1) are the responsibility of the Client.

3. Legality of use

1. The use of the Company's services must be carried out for lawful purposes and by legal means.

2. It is prohibited to post materials and links to materials that violate copyright, pornographic information, calls for the overthrow of power, public disorder, hack/crack, and pharma resources, as well as information that contradicts the norms of network and world etiquette.

3. Software that may be used to interfere with the performance of servers or send spam messages should not be placed on the Company's servers.

4. The Client undertakes to independently monitor and be fully responsible for the content of the resources placed on the Company's servers. If the content of the Internet resource contradicts the current EU, RF, or US legislation, the Company has the right to block the resource until the circumstances are clarified.

5. The Company also has the right to block or restrict access to the Internet resource if the software of the specified resource can lead or leads to a violation of the functionality of the Company's software and hardware complex and may entail a malfunction in the security system of the complex.

6. The client does not have the right to intentionally or not use the services of the Company to run the software, whose work may affect the server’s performance, or to illegally gain access to information about third parties, or owned by such.

7. It is strictly forbidden to post on your site child pornography, as well as propaganda of violence, fascism, communism, extremism, terrorism, nationalism, chauvinism, racial hatred, and/or proclaiming one particular race, nationality, or gender as superior.

8. Any violation of paragraphs. 3.1-3.7 entails the immediate disconnection of the Account before the final clarification of the circumstances of the situation. Subsequent violations of the clauses of the agreement entail an immediate disconnection of the Account without refund.

9. The client has the right to install and use any software on his VPS or a dedicated server, in case it is legal and does not violate copyright and related rights, as well as current legislation (depending on the country of placement).

10. If a complaint is received against an anonymous Client's TCP / Server, for example, Bill Smith, services are canceled instantly, without notice. Especially, if it occurs in the 1st month of rent.

11. After the first complaint is received, the Company's employees are entitled to request a photocopy (scanned pages) of documents confirming the identity of the Client.

12. The client is obliged to respond to the received complaint within the prescribed period. Otherwise, the provision of services is suspended and all information about the Client is deleted. The company reserves the right to cancel the provision of the service for which the complaint is received.

13. In connection with the frequent cases of ordering our services for illegal purposes (spam, etc.), we are forced to identify the identity of customers. This procedure will be selectively applied to new customers. For identification, we require a passport scan / photocopy (page spread and registration) and a phone number in international format. Series and passport numbers can hide.

4. Finance

1. All services are provided only based on 100% prepayment. The test period is not available.

2. All payments are made exclusively through automatic billing interfaces.

3. The Company's services are paid by the Client from the billing panel independently, except for the previously agreed cases of making payments manually.

4. In the case of an individual payment without prior agreement with the employees of the Company, a 5% fee, at least $ 2, or their equivalent in another currency, is charged for processing the application by an employee of the Company. The following are pre-agreed payments: payment under an affiliate program, payment of an invoice for the company's services (if none of the available automatic payment methods is possible), and crediting funds for an unused billing period to the credit balance.

5. Invoices must be paid before the date specified in the invoice and in full, otherwise the service will be blocked and canceled, without the possibility of recovery. The lack of timely payment may lead to the suspension of all services of the Client. When an account becomes overdue, all discounts from such an account are removed.

6. The need to extend the service comes in 1 week. If the service was ordered on the 20th day, all further payments must be made no later than the 13th day of the next calendar month.

7. The moneyback service (refund upon refusal of the service) is provided only for the “virtual hosting” service.

8. The moneyback service does not apply to any other services of the Company, the billing period of which has come. Refunds are possible only for a prepaid, but not yet occurring billing period. The refund is carried out at the request of the Client in full, minus the commission of the payment system, as well as the commission, by clause 4.4.

9. Funds on the Account balance can be used for any services of the Company. Repayment of credit funds is carried out on request in full, minus the commission of the payment system, as well as the commission, by clause 4.4.

10. If the Client makes an erroneous transfer and in connection with this, through tickets, up to 5 working days, the Company returns all funds, minus the fee charged by the payment system for the transfer.

11. The amount of liability of the Company may not exceed the amount used by the Client to pay for the services provided for one calendar month.

12. The company under no circumstances bears material or other liability to the Client for possible losses, such as loss of profits, income, possible savings, or business reputation.

13. Prices for services are not static and may vary depending on the euro-dollar cross-rate.

14. The company reserves the right to index prices for services without prior notification of the Client.

15. If the provision of services is suspended due to the fault of the Client, funds for the unused period are not returned. Refund is not carried out in case of violation by the Client of the clauses of the Public Offer contract.

16. If the Client violates the clauses of the Public Offer, the current discounts are canceled.

5. Technical support

1. Technical support is provided exclusively through the ticket system. Other means of communication are intended solely for the exchange of general information (pre-sales issues).

2. The guaranteed response time to a request sent via the ticket system is 12 hours.

3. System administration, solution of problems with OS, software, and scripts, as well as monitoring of VPS and dedicated servers is carried out by the Client independently.

4. The company provides system administration services only if they are paid on a subscription or ad-hoc basis.

5. Monthly administration subscriptions are not transferred to the next month when they are not used and no funds are returned for them.

6. All work on system administration is carried out without guarantees of further performance after the transfer of access to the server to the Client.

7. By purchasing a software license, such as OS Windows or the ISP Manager control panel and Directadmin, you get the opportunity to use the software for the entire duration of the license lease. Technical support is not included in the license price and is provided by the software manufacturer on its user support resources.

8. Creating tickets and sending emails containing threats, profanity, insults, and boorish treatment to the Company's employees, as well as failure to comply with business ethics (negative familiarity of the content, going to the person when communicating with the Company's employees) provides for liability in the form of a fine and suspension of all Client services. The size of penalties is listed in the 10th section. These tickets and letters are regarded as spam and are not processed.

6. Rights and obligations of the Company

1. The company is not responsible for interruptions and malfunctions occurring due to fault or due to the omission of third parties.

2. The company is not responsible for the quality of communication channels organized by telecom operators and channel providers.

5. The Company has the right to refuse to provide services to the Client if this entails a deterioration in the quality of services provided to other Clients.

6. The company is not responsible for losses caused to customers through no fault of

7. The company is not responsible for losses caused by the temporary unavailability of services related to technical problems (such as work to improve the server and software, hacker attacks, data center problems, routing, etc.).

8. The company is not responsible for losses caused by force majeure.

9. The company does not guarantee uptime 100%, but it is committed to this.

10. The company may refuse to provide services without giving reasons.

11. The Company's services are provided "as is", and the Company reserves the right to revise the terms of service, including pricing and tariff characteristics at any time, without prior notice and unilaterally. New conditions come into force at the time of publication on the Company's website.

12. The company is not responsible for the inability to access services through the fault of third parties (for example, Internet service providers).

13. The company reserves the right to stop services for scheduled maintenance, due to DDOS or other network attacks, as a result of natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances.

14. The Company is not responsible for the operation of third-party software on the Company's servers, including software purchased through the Company's billing system (control panel, operating system, and so on).

7. Rights and obligations of the Client

1. The client undertakes to independently monitor the final date of invoice payment for the ordered services. An overdue account is considered an application for the immediate termination of the service without the possibility of its restoration in its previous form.

2. The client has the right to receive those services that are available and the payment term of which has not yet expired.

3. When using VPS services and a dedicated server, the Client is granted root access (unless otherwise specified) to the server and the Client bears all the responsibility associated with this.

4. The client has the right to install and use any software on his VPS or a dedicated server if it is legal and does not violate copyright and related rights, as well as current legislation (depending on the country of placement).

5. The client is obliged to monitor the compliance of all the posted materials (including links to them) used by the software, and the content hosted on the server, and be responsible for its compliance with the laws on copyright and related rights and current legislation (depending on the country of placement).

6. The Client is fully responsible for his public statements and actions directed against the Company. If any claims and/or charges are unprovable, the Company reserves the right to refuse service to the Client.

7. Unauthorized connection of additional IP addresses not allocated to the server is strictly prohibited. The customer’s liability, in this case, is $ 99.

8. The client has the right to control all traffic generated by its VPS / dedicated server. In this case, the traffic statistics obtained using the hardware and technical complex of the Company and the Data Center is the only correct one.

9. Control of the amount of consumed traffic is made by the Client independently. If necessary, the Client may request from the Company statistics on the consumed traffic based on indications of the Company's hardware and technical complex and the Data Center.

10. The increased load on the Network and/or the Company's host machines is the reason for blocking the server without a refund.

8. Confidentiality

1. During the entire service period and 5 (five) years after the end of cooperation, all information communicated by the Parties to each other (in postal correspondence, when communicating via a ticket system, by phone, ICQ, or using any other means of communication) are confidential information and may not be transferred by one of the Parties to third parties without the prior consent of the other Party.

9. Protection of personal data

9.1. The company has the right to collect and use information about customers. Information that can be used to identify the Customer may include the name, surname, address, telephone number, and email address.

9.2. Each Client, using an email address and password, has the right to access online mode to his / her Client profile, where he or can correct and update his data.

9.3. The Company makes appropriate efforts and is responsible for protecting information about the Client, except in cases of irresistible force, accidental events, or malicious actions of third parties, as well as in cases where the Client has made this information available to third parties.

9.4. When placing each order, expressing agreement with this Agreement, the Client agrees that the information about it will be processed appropriately.

9.5. The Company collects and uses the information on clause 9.1 for the purposes specified in this Agreement, inclusive offering Clients new services, for campaigns, questionnaires, for statistical and any other purposes, while registering to use the Services, the Client agrees to receive trade messages sent By the company.

9.6. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to the processing of his data for direct marketing purposes. The client has the right to express disagreement with the processing of his data for direct marketing, by turning off this feature in his account or by following the link refusing marketing services.

9.7. The Company undertakes not to edit or disclose any personal information about the Client and the services it uses and not to provide the collected information to third parties - government agencies, trading companies, individuals, and others, except as required by law.

9.8. When using the site, the Company has the right to automatically save certain information that the computer or other extreme device of the Client sent to the Supplier’s server due to the Client’s activity. The information is stored in the log files on the Company's servers and may include the IP address of the Client, the date and time when they visited the relevant page of the site, the duration of their presence there, and so on. In addition, the Company stores the IP address of the Client, as well as any information necessary to identify the Client.

9.9. The Company has the right but does not undertake, to install cookies (small text files) on a computer or other extreme Client device, which are saved by the Internet page through the server on the Client’s hard drive and enable you to recover information about the Client, identifying it, and also for tracking. his actions.

10. Dispute Resolution Procedure

1. Disputes and disagreements between the Parties shall be settled out of court by the current EU legislation.

2. If the Parties cannot independently resolve the problem, they will stop cooperating.

11. Verification

11.1. The client undertakes to indicate in the profile on the Company website correct personal data and keep them up to date.

11.2. The company has the right to request verification of the Customer’s phone number by sending an SMS or voice call with a verification code.

11.3. In the event of reasonable doubts about the correctness or completeness of the data provided by the Client, the Company has the right to request a document confirming the identity of the Client.

11.4. The Company has the right to refuse to provide services, including those previously activated, in the event of the Client’s refusal to provide correct personal data, refusal to verify by phone, or to provide proof of identity.

11.5. The client is given 72 hours to provide correct personal data and their verification. After the deadline, the Company has the right to suspend the Services until the issue is resolved by the Client. Compensation for the period of stopping the Services or changing the terms of the Services by the Company is not made.

15. Technological measures RichiR Investment EOOD. on the application of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council.
technological_measures.doc [72.5 Kb] (cкачиваний: 18)

16. Internal rules of RichiR Investment EOOD. on the application and enforcement of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council. internal_company_rules_of_richir-investment_ltd.doc [95 Kb] (cкачиваний: 20)

19. Agreeing with our rules, Clients undertake not to participate in any legal proceedings or lawsuits directed against the Supplier.

10. Penalties

1. The lack of timely payment of the invoice provides for penalties in the amount of 10% of the invoice amount, but not less than 5 euro.

2. Failure to comply with the ethics of business communication entails penalties in the form of an increase in the cost of services provided to the Client. The minimum step to increase the cost of services is 1 dollar. Maximum - 50% of the cost of services. In addition, the Company reserves the right to suspend customer service, or to permanently refuse to provide services to the Customer.

3. Receipt of 3 or more complaints within 30 days for services provided to the Client provides for a 50 euro fine. If the fine is not paid during the day, the service is suspended until the invoice is paid.

4. A 500 euro fine will be billed if you get our IP blacklisted for abuse.

11. Force Majeure

1. The parties shall be exempt from liability for the complete or partial failure to comply with the clauses of this contract, if the failure was the result of force majeure circumstances, such as epidemics, natural disasters, explosions, fires, and other extraordinary circumstances.

This offer may be amended by the Company unilaterally at any time without further notice.

May 24, 2018