Referral program

We pay 25% of each payment for hosting which will be made by the client.
attracted by you, for as long as the client places his
site with us!
If you can attract more than 15 customers per month,
then we can increase the percentage individually! Contact us through the ticket system.
Minimum to pay $ 15

What are the earnings:

You register in our affiliate program and get a link to our site with your code.

This link (or graphic banner) you can place on your website,
in the blog, forums, etc. If the person who came to our site (,
on your link - orders our hosting, then you will receive a commission
Hosting services 25%,
Domains, SSL 4% .
VPS 5%,
Dedicated servers 4%.
FTP storage 10%.

Payments are made via PAYPAL, WMZ, and Bank Transfer.
We accept partners from any country!

Registration in Referral program

(after registration, go to your account and click the link "Referral program".

Please note: if you are already registered in our billing system
( then you do not need to re-register, just log in to your account
and click on the link "referral program".

Recommend our affiliate program to your website visitors!

It is forbidden to advertise our site using Spam (email, search engine, forums, comments, etc.),
and also advertise on search engines for keywords related to the brand.

Partners seen in these violations will lose the opportunity to participate in affiliate
program without payment of the earned amount.

To advertise our site you can use text links,
with any suitable text and banners that you can post
on your site.