60 days* money back

Our hosting company RICHHost.biz, having learned from our extensive experience working with clients in providing quality hosting and domain name registration services, reports that if you are not satisfied during the first 60 days after purchasing our services, then we will refund your money!

What to do if you are not satisfied with the service?

If it seems to you that you expected more from our services, we would advise you to do only one thing:

    Contact hosting support. We will try to find the answer to your question and help solve it.

If this did not help you, and our specialists could not answer your question, then the only thing we can do for you is to return your money.

How can you pick up the money?

If no more than 60 days have passed since the day you purchased our services, and you want to receive your money back, you need to write a ticket about your desire to receive money. Our staff will contact you and agree on how it will be more convenient for you to get your money back.

* Money-Back is provided only for virtual hosting tariff plans.