Cheap SSL certificates

The cost of an SSL certificate depends on the level of security:

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    • Domain validation

      Entry-level SSL certificates with domain verification are one of the fastest-issued certificate types, since do not require any documents. The verification process is more than simple, all you need is to respond to an automatic validation letter from the certification authority. Only suitable for small sites.

    • Business validation

      For the SSL certificate of the business level, you must confirm ownership of the domain, as well as provide the documents of your company. The issuance process takes about 2-3 business days. This certificate is suitable for corporate sites. See the list of required documents.

    • Extended validation

      Extended certificate SSL certificates are the most prestigious among all existing certificates. All visitors of the browser address bar will be highlighted in green, instantly informing about the high degree of site protection. These solutions are ideal for banks and online stores.

    • Wildcard sertificates

      Certificates with subdomain support are designed for great savings, because With this certificate you can protect an unlimited number of subdomains under one domain, for an unlimited number of servers using only 1 IP address. You do not need to install dozens of different certificates, one Wildcard will do everything

    • SAN certificates

      SAN SSL certificates, also known as Unified Communications Certificates (UCC), are ideal for Microsoft Exchange products, as well as for protecting multi-domain projects. You can protect your domains, subdomains, local names using only 1 certificate. These certificates work with both external and internal domain names.

    • SGC certificates

      Certificates with enforced high encryption (SGC). Increase the level of encryption for older browsers from 40-bit to full 256-bit. Your website or online system will be protected and will receive the highest trust from all your users.