Domain .ORG

On the Internet domain registration org is used for non-commercial projects. It means that the resource is not created for income. The domain is used to create urban organizations. Its content and renewal are inexpensive, about $ 17 per year.

Advantages of the org domain name

  • Refers to the "Big Seven" top-level domains.
  • Authoritative and popular.
  • Buy domain org can any person
  • Wide coverage of users.
  • Internationality. The site will be known to users from different corners of the globe. This will be evidence of additional trust.

Inexpensive domain org pays off with high attendance of the portal. The sale of the domain is most often carried out by hosting providers. The cost is quite justified by the high demand and authority. The price for registration of this domain name may vary, on average it is 16.99 $. To buy is to choose a reliable provider, it will ensure the smooth operation of the resource, therefore, faster to raise the site in the results of the issuance of search engines.

Domain zone Renewal Price
year €13.98 ORDER


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