Referral week! Payouts up to 35 percent !!

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

A unique promotion for those who want to earn on referrals.
We increase payouts to 35 percent !! Only for those who register on the site from August 26 to September 2 and send the code word "WEEK" in the ticket to those. support

Everyone who signs up for this promotion will receive for life for their referrals 35% of each payment for hosting that will be made by the client attracted by you, all the while the client is staying with us!

And also you get 5% of each order made by the client (domains, ssl).
On dedicated servers, 6%.

Payments are made by PAYPAL. Bank Transfer, WMZ, WMR, QIWI.

You can register for a referral program

P.S. If you can attract more than 15 clients every month, then write to us and you will receive an individual offer.