Network / 24 IPv4 in the US for only $ 125 per month!

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

We received requests from YOU, dear customers, to add the ability to purchase additional ranges / 24 IPv4 in the USA when ordering a server
We are pleased to add this feature.
About 20 free ranges / 24 IPv4 available!
The price for one / 24 IPv4 is $ 125 for a monthly payment and ordering a server * in the USA.
When paying from 3 months there will be discounts.

You can order these tariffs by writing to or through tickets in billing.
We will be glad to see YOU as our clients.

* Server cost in the USA starts from $ 100 per month. You can get acquainted with the assortment by writing to
P.S. And we do not take interest for replenishment of the account!