Networks in the Netherlands for advertising mailings.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Many of our clients have long asked to expand the range of IP networks.
We are pleased to announce that networks in the Netherlands are now available for advertising mailing*.

For example

1. network IPv4 addresses: /27 + server costs only = 115 euros per month.
2. network IPv4 addresses: /24 + server costs only = 550 euros per month.

When paying for network rental for three or more months, a discount from 10% to 20%.

For consultations write to
You can order using the link - IPv4 addresses for advertising mailings.

P.S. Distribution of legal adult content is allowed.
Before ordering, please contact us to agree on materials.
Aggressive spam and all black topics are prohibited.
If such violations are detected, the account will be immediately blocked without a refund.