Changing server prices in Lithuania.

Hello dear customers.

We have two news for you. Good and bad. Both will come from April 12th.

1. Good.

We completely update the assortment in Lithuania. Processors Ryzen 5 - 9 and Intel i9-9900, Xeon E5-2670, E5-2697 v2 will appear.
Also to the servers you can order HDD up to 8TB and SSD up to 1.9TB and RAM up to 128Gb. The ability to order a GTX 1050Ti 4Gb GDDR5 (128Bits) video card will also be added.

2. Bad.
As iron prices rise, we also have to raise prices to maintain a high level of service.
Server prices in Lithuania will grow by 15%.

P.S. We hope that updating the assortment will please you more than the price hike upset. And all customers who rent servers now and order new ones before April 12 will pay at the old price.

Desislava Koleva